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Established in 1975, Samwell Group has been the world's leading manufacturer in providing CMSR & LSR, electronic manufacturing services (EMS), customized tooling design, and ultrasonic welding assembly. With our extensive expertise in R&D, manufacturing and supply chain management, we take pride in transforming design concepts into reality. With our comprehensive system integration capabilities, Samwell can quickly respond to customer needs and provide customers with a full range of customzed product assembly successfully. Our collaborative approach aims not only to reduce your product costs but also to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing quality.

  • 50+

    years of manufacturing experience

  • 2000

    successful turnkey projects

  • 5000+

    professional technical solutions

Core Capabilities



Samwell is a trusted provider of electronics manufacturing services to the automotive industry for the decades. We possess the necessary scope, global scale, and automotive expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions that offer the advantages of quality, cost-effectiveness, and just-in-time delivery. In today’s highly competitive market, we assist our clients in minimizing sourcing costs, accessing high-quality, low-cost manufacturing, accelerating time to market, and mitigating business risks. Our integrated range of services encompasses building block technology, subsystem solutions, comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities.


Our success factors include:

  1. ISO 9000 certified
  2. IATF 16949 certified
  3. Product design
  4. Component and full systems assembly
  5. Testing and validation
  6. Documentation and regulatory compliance
  7. Global delivery
  8. Warranty and repair


From initial product introduction and design for manufacture to concept development and PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) submissions, all the way through to volume production, we work closely with our customers as trusted partners. Our collaborative approach aims to reduce your product costs while ensuring the highest standards of manufacturing quality.


We provide world-class design, manufacturing and logistics solutions to medical device and equipment companies. As a large, recognized leader in the EMS industry, we provide a broad set of capabilities for customers dedicated to the medical field. We specialize in providing world-class design, manufacturing, and logistics solutions specifically tailored for medical device and equipment companies. As a leader in the EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) industry, we offer a comprehensive range of capabilities to meet the unique requirements of our customers in the medical field.


Our Key services include:


  1. Electronic Design for Excellence (DFx)
  2. Mechanical enclosure, tooling and injection design and manufacturing
  3. Plastic injection molding and precision machining
  4. Validation and Regulatory Compliance
  5. Reliability Test and Analysis
  6. Final-System Integration and Testing
  7. Prototyping, Trial Runs, and Volume Production
  8. Worldwide Logistics Solutions
  9. ISO 13485 certified


At Samwell, we leverage our extensive skills, global presence, and strong materials sourcing capabilities to deliver exceptional results within fully regulatory-compliant environments. We work closely with our customers throughout the entire process, prioritizing product excellence and ensuring human safety at all times.

Defense & Aerospace

Samwell´s Defense & Aerospace Segment is focused on providing a truly dedicated end-to-end solutions to the defence and aerospace area. Our strength includes:


  1. Experienced in handling secure data, product and test information within a contract manufacturing environment.
  2. Specialise in low volume, complex assemblies.
  3. Quality certifications, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949
  4. Rugged design and solutions for defense and aerospace needs
  5. Full design and engineering services covering Design for Manufacture, Test and Supply Chain from electronics through complete system assembly.
  6. RoHS Compliance Engineering, including vendor and part number authentication


Our mission is to be the company focusing on various industries of enterprise solutions in the world-we´re not only the technology trend with innovative, cost-effective, and reliable business platform, but also direct the growth of enterprises. For developing complete and high-quality enterprise products to enhance business more efficiently, we also provide a highly customized service to meet customers needs and value our partnership with each customer.


The future is here, and it's intelligent, interconnected, and powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). At Samwell, we believe in harnessing AI to develop a world of endless possibilities. As the AI ecosystem continues to evolve, Samwell is at the forefront and can shape the future with you together. Our expertise in AI and IoT allows us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses and individuals to thrive in this intelligent era. From developing and manufacturing AI-powered applications and devices, we have the knowledge and experience to bring your vision to life.


Our Core Competence

  1. Extensive JDM/ODM/OEM/EMS experience in manufacturing process
  2. Strong RD teams with broad professional expertise
  3. The broadest and most complete communication networks.
  4. Exceptional Quality Assurance
  5. Superior Supply Chain Management
  6. Continuous Innovation and Research


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next Industrial Revolution with significant influence over the businesses and our day-to day lives. At Samwell, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and supporting a wide range of the internet-connected devices. Samwell’s robust experience across the ecosystem fueled our parnerships with a number of companies specialize in communications transfer, sensors, software, and other key components of IoT. Our R&D experts offer top-notch, comprehensive and customized support to your unique business need of IoT.